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Sonya Leigh


I love sharing my musings on life, happiness, and energy.  I’d love you to follow along and share your thoughts too.

Are you ready to make the shift in your life?

Reach out to me and let’s talk.  My email is hello@sonyaleigh.co

Sonya ♥
“I’m so grateful to have Sonya walk with me and guide me through to a whole new prospective of my life!  Starting a new business already has its challenges and becoming aware of my personal blockages, and to see how a new attitude and understanding of yourself is absolutely empowering!

Sonya truly has a sixth sense; her sensibility and insight gave me the unique tools designed for ‘me’ in moving forward and reach success in all areas of my life. These tools are for life as Sonya reminds you of who you uniquely are and how to own yourself !!

Sonya’s way is a coaching nothing like anything else…it’s transformational !! ”

~ Sonia Anita Perugini

Sonya Leigh


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